[SOLVED]404 Error does not retain the url and sends header code 200

Hi everyone,

I have a simple multilingual website with babel and friendly urls and some additioal homemade snippets.

Today I’m trying to properly implement the 404 error pages.
On a page not found, I would like to retain the url that has not been found in the url address bar, and to send a 404 header response.

I have noticed that when a page is not found, my modx installation just redirects to the error page resource with the error code 200.

In fact, modx should retain the url with “sendForward” (not “sendRedirect”) and send a “404” header code (not “200”).

What am I doint wrong here ? Is it Babel ?Can you help me ?

Are you using any extra that does routing for your multi language website?

Yes i have the Gateway plugin and also some custom snippet, I think i’ve got to check this first

Alright, after a good night of sleep I confirm this problem was created by my snippet, sorry for creating this post here :slight_smile:

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