SMTP options to be added to System Settings

Hi All

I just spent a good part of a week trying to figure out why i could not route mail through one of my clients mail firewalls (they are military so not much gets through)

they supplied me with SMTP details and had it configured the way they wanted but it would still not work.

After much trial and error i had to override / add some parameters to the phpmailer class at



I feel there should be something in the modx system settings to configure the smtp options array the same way we can set SMTPAuth, username / pass etc instead of me hardcoding this solution in the class.

I’d strongly discourage disabling those security options. They’re there for a reason, and disabling them means you might as well just use an unencrypted connection.

I 100% agree, luckily the mail receiver at the other end, is only going to accept mail from this domain and with a sender that matches one predefined in their system (which i have already configured).

But the point is more to have the option to pass through a list of settings in the system settings for this so that it does not have to be hardcoded as per other mail options.