Smtp office365 not sending mail but Send reported is successful

I have some websites with webforms and they works always fine. My company is changed to office365, so i want send out email thru office365

I have a valid office365 account "
I the system settings i use these

  • SMTP Authentication = Yes
  • SMTP Hosts =
  • SMTP Password = your email password
  • SMTP Port = 587
  • SMTP Connection Prefix = tls
  • SMTP User = your full email address
  • Use SMTP = Yes

Also the QuickEmail test is “Send reported is successful”
I the send items box i can see these QuickEmail test mails

My snippet is:
&emailSubject=Bericht van de website
&validate=name:required, email:email:required, text:required:stripTags,

After sending the mail form nothing happend. Also the page is not redirectTo=2


MODX cloud


Do you need to set an emailFrom line?


Where the email address sent from is from the same domain as the Office 365 hosted email?

As you are using SMTP I can’t see that it would be an SPF issue, but it might be worth checking thats sort of thing.

Also if the the website is hosted on a different server from the companies DNS server could there be some conflicting MX records on the server hosting the website?

@andytough Many thanks!!!
&emailFrom is the solution


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