siteStatistics extra: Many 404 page users / visits

I’m seeing very high numbers for 404-page users and visits in siteStatistics, nearly as much as for the home page. This is true with different MODX installations, different customers. We’ve excluded own IP addresses and some bots, but still the numbers are high and not quite explicable. It’s not through bad navigation or on page errors. Any hint for that? Thanks

Maybe you can use an extra like LogPageNotFound to log information about the 404 requests. This should give you more insight.

You could also try BotBlockX. IIRC, it will give you a count of the number of visits of misbehaving bots, it will also let you set a maximum number of visits before automatically blocking someone.

TBH, I can’t remember if it responds to requests that end in a 404 error or not.