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I’m using MODX for multi domain. So one CMS serving multiple domains.
For all websites, I want to have a sitemap.xml but when I use the GoogleSiteMap plugin, I see the same sitemap on the second domain.

Step to reproduce

Install multi domain on your MODX install.
Install GoogleSiteMap plugin
Add a page calles sidemap, use a empty page, make it xml
In the content field add [[!GoogleSiteMap]]

Observed behavior contains the same content from

Expected behavior show pages from domain1 show pages from domain2


MODX Revolution 2.7.1-pl

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Try to use the following call:

[[GoogleSiteMap? &context=`[[*context_key]]`]]


If you don’t necessarily want to use the extra and don’t have too frequently sites added, you could also use an online sitemap generator like this one.

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It works, thank you Jako! Danke schön. Please YJ Tso & Garry Nutting, can you add this in the documentation of the plugin?

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It looks like a known issue, that is somehow forgotten:


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