Sitemap 404 when accessing


I have been using stercseo to create a sitemap (amongst other things) and i get a 404 error.
I then tried building a getresources sitemap with the same results.

Step to reproduce


Observed behavior

error log produces this:(ERROR @ /home/public_html/core/model/modx/modparser.class.php : 540) Could not find snippet with name 85. but im not sure if its related.

Expected behavior

I am trying to figure out why my sitemap isnt working. I get a 404 error on the SEO plugin and a getresources built sitemap.

I usually dont have a problem doing this.


|Apache Version |2.2.31|
|PHP Version |5.5.36|
|MySQL Version |5.5.44-37.3-log|
MODX Revolution 2.6.5-pl

Did you enable FURL?

What is Snippet ID 85? And/or is getResources actually installed?