Sitecheck extra and character set mismatch help

After a few issues on a site I ran Bobray’s Sitecheck extra and a character set mismatch was highlighted. I’ve followed the steps to convert the database but some of the data is in the form of [BLOB…] because the sql file is so big.
In the docs it says:
“If this happens, start over by restoring the backup and paste each section of the generated SQL and execute it (the sections are separated by comments with a row of asterisks).”
Does that mean after i’ve run the cdc.php file I need to select each section of the generated sql? Including the lines that end in BLOB?

Thanks for any help


Did you get an actual timeout when you tried to run the file? Even fairly large files should be able to run on a typical machine.

If you do get a timeout, yes you would need to run it in sections, including the “BLOB” lines. Each section you run can can include more than one table, bu they all need to be valid, which means any opening braces must be closed and data needs to go with the variable it’s attached to.