Sirv CDN extra for Modx


I’m looking to use a CDN to serve images for a MODX site, to give more flexibility around responsive images - Sirv, for example will resize images on the fly, cache them and then serve them - This is very appealing as it means for product images, I just need to provide one full size image, for each colour, and can change my markup accordingly to flex to different image needs in the front end - e.g mobile(without needing to decide this up front)

My issue is syncing between the Sirv CDN and Modx - e.g. Are there any Sirv plugins for Modx that I could use? Otherwise, if I want to dynamically display some product images from Sirv then I’d first need to call Sirv to get a list of images before displaying them… Ideally Modx would sync this list so I could refer to the image names when rendering the page in modx

Any advice in this area would be appreciated