SimpleSearch is searching on the content HTML tags as well

Hi All,

I am using Fred and now I integrated SimpleSearch that is working fine, but the results teem a bit strange.

Basicaly if I search for !image", and I have an img that has “image” on the src attribute, SimpleSearch will show that resource as a valid result, even though no text exists on that resource with the word “image” or even part of a phrase (like Images).

This is a bit annoying as all pages are built with Fred and SimpleSearch shouldn’t be looking into the HTML on a literal way :frowning:

Here is my SimpleSearch Call:

[[SimpleSearchForm? &landing=`3`]]

	&pagingSeparator=` `

What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks all in advance

If SimpleSearch has a way of excluding strings, you could exclude things like /image and images.

Hi Bob.
Thanks for the tip. I will check if that exists and try it

I’ll share the outcome.

Well, partial luck.
The only thing I could do to improve a bit this problem was using the useAllWords option set as 1 along with searchStyle and matchWildcard knowing that these two last options depend on having useAllWords enabled. If disabled, the search will not work at all.
This is a bit odd, but will somehow help to reduce the number of the undesired results.


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