SimpleSearch Form

I am using ModX 3.0.4 and am unable to get SimpleSearch to work correctly. The documentation shows a sample form which looks like the following:

<form class="simplesearch-search-form" action="[[~[[+landing]]]]" method="[[+method]]">
        <label for="[[+searchIndex]]">[[ &namespace=`simplesearch` &topic=`default`]]</label>

        <input type="text" name="[[+searchIndex]]" id="[[+searchIndex]]" value="[[+searchValue]]" />
        <input type="hidden" name="id" value="[[+landing]]" />

        <input type="submit" value="[[ &namespace=`simplesearch` &topic=`default`]]" />

If I use the above code, SimpleSearch works. However, I need my layout to look like the following:

															<form role="search" class="pcg-search-form d-flex h-100 w-100" action="[[~[[+landing]]]]" method="[[+method]]">
																<div class="big-search-header input-group">
																	<input class="form-control text-1" id="headerSearch" name="q" type="search" value="" placeholder="Type and press enter...">
<input type="hidden" name="id" value="[[+landing]]" />
																	<a href="#" class="header-nav-features-search-hide-icon"><i class="fas fa-times header-nav-top-icon"></i></a>

Try as I may, whatever I do, when I press enter it takes me to the home page instead of the search results page. What am I missing? My Snippet call looks like:

[[!SimpleSearchForm? &tpl=pcgSearchForm &landing=59]]

The request parameter “q” is usually used for the MODX friendly URLs (and set in .htaccess). Maybe this causes problems.

I would NEVER have figured that out. Thank you so much. Fixed the issue.

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