SimpleSearch doesn't work with MODx 3.0.0

After the update, just not even called

Array ( [method] => get [landing] => 28 [searchValue] => [searchIndex] => search )

Can you please write some more details here?

I upgraded from 2.8.3 to 3.0.0. After that, instead of calling the search script, I get this string.

Please open an issue for this on Issues · Sterc/SimpleSearch · GitHub and describe it there as good as possible.

SimpleSearch doesn’t work with MODx 3.0.0 · Issue #49 · Sterc/SimpleSearch · GitHub in my opinion, it is no longer supported

I tested it, but all works correctly for me.

I installed the extra simplesearch-2.1.2-pl on MODX 3.0.0-pl.
(That created an error Could not load class: modTransportPackage from mysql.modtransportpackage... in the “installation console” but still installed the extra.)

I added this markup to a page and was able to search the website without errors.



not working here I get following error

[2022-08-16 22:23:17] (ERROR @ /**core/components/simplesearch/src/SimpleSearch.php : 131) Could not load driver class: SimpleSearchDriverBasic

I did try reinstall it a few times. hoping driver would work. Any ideas any one?
site was upgraded from modx 2

modx 3.0.1
php 8

ok following worked for me: do not just reinstall it remove everything including old packages. then install version simplesearch v 3 alpha . then it worked :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t work. I have checked

I had the same issue and for me, completely removing SimpleSearch, redownloading and installing it did the trick.

I am using modx 3.0.3 and SimpleSearch 3.0.0. I just get a blank page whenever I use the SimpleSearchForm or SimpleSearch snippets on the page. It appears that MODX does not even parse the template, the source for the page is a blank page. There are not any errors in the MODX error log.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled SimpleSearch several times and cleared the cache.

Any Suggestions


Is there an error message in the server error log?
What version of PHP are you using?

I’m still not able to reproduce any problems.
I tested it with PHP 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1.
I get some deprecation warnings with PHP 8.0 and 8.1, but the search still works.

For anyone upgrading from an older version of SimpleSearch:

Make sure the value of the system setting simplesearch.driver_class is \SimpleSearch\Driver\SimpleSearchDriverBasic.



Thanks, it was the php version. The server was running 7.3.x, updating to 7.4 solved the issue.

You help and assistance is truly a great asset for this community.