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SimpleSearch - displaying a search error


I am a novice Modx user trying to install SimpleSearch.

I only want results to search resource 34 which it does. However, when i have searched nothing i get the following. So basically when you are opening the web page the results is showing below:

There were no search results for the search “”. Please try using more general terms to get more results.

I am using the below:

[[!SimpleSearch? &ids=34 &highlightTag=paragraph]]

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

you can try to use your own chunk with &noResultsTpl

Thanks Bruno. How would I enter that chunk here?

[[!SimpleSearch? &ids= 34 &highlightTag= paragraph ]]

Thanks again.

[[!SimpleSearch? &ids= `34` &highlightTag= `paragraph`  &noResultsTpl=`yourChunk`]]

and create a chunk, with the content, you want to show, when no results was found