SimpleSearch - displaying a search error


I am a novice Modx user trying to install SimpleSearch.

I only want results to search resource 34 which it does. However, when i have searched nothing i get the following. So basically when you are opening the web page the results is showing below:

There were no search results for the search “”. Please try using more general terms to get more results.

I am using the below:

[[!SimpleSearch? &ids=34 &highlightTag=paragraph]]

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

you can try to use your own chunk with &noResultsTpl

Thanks Bruno. How would I enter that chunk here?

[[!SimpleSearch? &ids= 34 &highlightTag= paragraph ]]

Thanks again.

[[!SimpleSearch? &ids= `34` &highlightTag= `paragraph`  &noResultsTpl=`yourChunk`]]

and create a chunk, with the content, you want to show, when no results was found

Hi Bruno, I am having a different issue with SimpleSearch and would love to pick your brain for help.
Do I need to write a custom filter/exclusion for search?

I am trying to exclude certain keywords from my search like “mentor”.
After I deleted my Mentor page and its resources, the search is still picking up keyword mentor in source code (i.e. label=mentor) and displaying the results.

I have already tried using :

*[[!SimpleSearch? &tpl=search-results-body &exclude=26,76,81,92,96,105,158,159,160,161,162,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,233,235,243,257]]

  • Unchecking Searchable in settings for the delete Mentor pages and resources.

the question is, where is this label=mentor coming from, when you say you have deleted the mentor resource.

the metadata “label=mentor” is coming from html/head/script called googleAnalytics (a Chunk). When I check googleAnalytics it uses something called analyticsCrossDomain (a Snippet). When I check analyticsCrossDomain it reference/points to file that is found in my root folder src/core/config/ The does not reference any metadata