Showcasing Website RankBattles


Just finished my new Modx site RankBattles, not my first Modx site but more complicated compared to previous sites which were basically simple.

Any feedback welcome.

Also thanks to the excellent Modx/Community to make this site a reality :slight_smile:


Looks good at a first glance! Would be interesting to know which Extras you used?

Looks nice! I can “sense” Login extra there, seems also that Collections might be there as well.
It seems that you are not using formit for your contact form.

Knowing your extras would be also interesting in order to understand the project logic.
Keep it up!


In the beginning I started off using the following extras:

BreadCrumb, ClientConfig, fastField, FormIt, getResources, Login, TinyMCE and Wayfinder

Later on during the project I relied more on just the Modx RestApi and xPDO

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Your correct Login Extra was used, can see my complete list of extras above

Your site is beautiful, fast and joyful.
I have 2 questions for you…

  1. Can you tell me which extra you use with REST api?
  2. Can you answer my question? here
    I think you use similar logic…


1.Can you tell me which extra you use with REST api?

I didn’t use an extra with the API, essentially I wrote custom queries, mainly getobject and getcollection this would than be returned as JSON which is already built in the REST api, the JSON will than be consumed by the JavaScript library called Vue on the frontend.

Can you answer my question? here

Okay will take a look

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WOW… Thanks man… I am also learning Vue.
Do you use Authentication with RESP API in Modx ? Or if not then do you know how to authenticate via rest API in Modx ?

I love Vue :slight_smile:

Never tried to authenticate a user using the Rest API, I did use the Rest API to check if a user already authenticated. Currently to authenticate a user am using the Login with Ajax call, I followed more or less what was here but using Vue instead of JQuery.

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Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:
Much appreciated.