Setting up member's site with profiles

Is there any tutorial available how to set up a member’s site, where members have their profile pages (visible to other members), member’s list/directories, etc. Registration, logging in, etc. need to be through the frontend.

Hi @handjes,
I have set up a couple of member sites and have found the following extras to be very useful:
Class Extender:
News Publisher:
I gave a talk about how I set up one of these sites at a MODX meet up in Bournmouth a few years ago. The slides for my talk are available as a PDF here. The News Publisher extra probably isn’t necessary for what you are doing. I had two different kinds of profile that were being set up, people (users - Class Extender) and service providers (resources - News Publisher). If, having had a look through my notes you have any questions please feel free to ask them on this post. Good luck with it.

Thanks! The PDF looks promising for a start. Class Extender and getUrlParam sound a bit exotic to me.

The permission information here may help.

There is also this.

And this tutorial on user-specific pages.

Some of those are fairly old, but I think the information is still good (or close to it).

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