Setting default Media Source per context


I set ‘default_media_source’ in each context setting using the correct id for the media source, but the default system media source is still used.

I have cleared cache, flushed permissions, etc

Expected behavior

I assume that creating static resources, inserting images in WYSWYG, and other actions would use the media source for the context.


MODXCloud using 2.7.1- all snippets are updated.

Just to clarify, here is a screen capture of the setting for one of my contexts showing the default_media_source is set.

Does anyone have some suggestions to set default media source for a context?


Looks like you’ve already set it correctly. Where do you expect it to be shown where it isn’t?


I hope to have new static resources and images inserted using Tiny MCE default to the selected media source. The system default media source overrides the context settings in both cases. I set media sources for TVs and that works just fine.


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I am guess that there is not a way to set a default media source for a context that works for static resources or images added via the rich text editor.


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I suppose you will have to put all of the static files in one media source and use if for all contexts. For security, you can put them outside your public site so no one gets any files they shouldn’t

Does the TinyMCE extra you’re using have a system setting for which media source to use? You may need to set that as well if the extra isn’t reading the system default.