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Separate listbox-multiple field items in Migx

I have a Migx TV which consists only of one listbox-multiple field called “myMultiSelect” where users can select multiple items at once.

The problem is that when I add this field to the Grid Columns like this “dataIndex”: “myMutiSelect” all the selected items are grouped in the same row/line (separated by commas).

Is there a way to separate the items of a listbox-multiple field giving each item a row so they can be re-ordered? Re-ordering the items is the reason why I’m using Migx for this.

I was wondering if dataIndex has a parameter to do this.

Thanks for your help!

I don’t think you can reorder items in a listbox-multiple.
Can’t you just use a normal listbox as the migx field and then add a new item to the migx TV if you want to select another option?

Maybe you could also use the extra CheckboxSortable, if your list of options isn’t too long.

Thank you @halftrainedharry. Looks like you’re right, apparently there isn’t a way to reorder items in a listbox-multiple.