Separate Context to new MODx Environment

Hey Folks,
Is there an easy way to separate a context to a new MODx environment without bringing the entire database from the old site?

MODx version 2.8.7
Database MySQL 8.0.37
PHP 7.4

It really depends on the nature of the site. The content of your resources and chunks is in the DB, so you’re going to want that.

I would be inclined to port the whole site over, then delete resources and chunks that belong to other contexts, as well as any extras and templates not used by the context you’re keeping.

You’d also want to get rid of the context routing system.

Another way to go would be to export just the templates, TVs, resources, chunks, snippets, files, images, plugins, etc. that you want for the new site and import them into a fresh install of MODX. My guess is that that would be significantly more work.