SEOSuite - Twitter Card Values not inheriting

On the Social Tab of SEO Suite, I’ve noticed recently that when I check ‘Inherit the Facebook values’ for Twitter, the checkbox remains unchecked after saving.

The twitter card values are temporarily inherited when I view source, but the checkbox remains unchecked. So when I re-save the resource, it reverts back to empty values for the Twitter card values.

I’m using the latest version of SEO Suite, and Modx is Version 2.8.5

Any ideas?


I can see the same behaviour.
When the checkbox “Inherit the Facebook values” is checked and I click the “Save” button, the checkbox is set to “unchecked”.

When I reload the page completely however, the checkbox is set again.
The value that gets sent to the resource/update processor (parameter “seosuite_inherit_facebook”) is correct however, and the value is also saved correctly in the database table modx_seosuite_social.

I tried to figure out, why the checkbox suddenly looses its value, but I wasn’t able to find a solution.

Maybe open an issue on Github, so that someone with more knowledge than me can take a look at it.

OK Will do. It’s a recent issue as It’s been fine for ages.
I find that if I make other changes to the resource, and hit save a second time, the values are all lost, so I have to re-check the checkbox

If I get a resolution via Github I will post it here

Thanks for checking it wasn’t just me!