SEOPro: Unable to save resource when longtitle or description is too long

I’m using SEO Pro. When the longtitle or description are too long, the resource cannot be saved.

I need to be able to save the resource (I don’t want extra’s to prevent that). I know I can edit the numbers in the system settings, but than it’s not working like it should (indicating the title/description is too long).

This should be possible by commenting out this line in the code:

Sorry I’m not a developer.

  • Open the file assets/components/seopro/js/mgr/seopro.js.
  • On line 38, add 2 slashes (//) before the code to turn the line into a comment (or simply delete the whole line).
  • Save the file.
  • Clear the browser cache.
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Thanks, that worked.

There are system settings for this. You don’t have to patch the code.

I searched for it, but there is no setting for that.

The seopro.fields system setting is not that hidden …

See above: that’s not the solution. That only edits the number of characters. I want those numbers to stay intact, but remove the non-saving problem.

Please open an issue at the SEO Pro repository or at the successor of the extra.