SEO Suite - sitemap error

Hi all,

I’ve installed the SEO Suite to use instead of SEO Pro and SEO Tab. It’s really good - V impressed. But one issue I’ve found is that if I create a sitemap.xml using the provided snippet, thre is an error on Google Search Console:

Sitemap can be read, but has errors
This XML tag has an invalid value. Please fix it and resubmit.

Basically the “priority” taggs are coming up as ‘normal’ instead of ‘0.5’.
I beleive they need to be numerical, but the snippet is using 'normal, high and low words instead.

I can’t find anything in system settings, so wondered if this is a bug?


There is already an issue for this on github:

Ah thank you - I couldn’t find it on Github to post it.

So a temporary solution is to use the following output modifiers on the snippet:


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Thanks for the tip! It didn’t work straight away for me, then I realised it needed backticks…

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Yes that’s a very good point!