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Hi All,

So I’ve used SEO Sutie a handful of times, all great.
I prefer using the placeholders:


so i can have full control over the output, rather than using this snippet:


On this occasion, I ‘migrated’ from SEO Pro to SEO Suite in the installer.

I’m not sure if this has done something different, but the placeholders don’t work - I can only bring in the meta tag using the snippet.

Does anyone know why this would be?

I’ve tried everything I can think of - turned on/off the system setting:

Cleared the core/cache

logged out and in again.

Any sugestions out there?
I can only assume it’s related to the migration, as opposed to a standard install - although I have also reinstalled the extra.


Is the plugin itself enabled? Some extras will disable their plugins when re-installed.

You could also file this as an issue here.

Yes it is active. The sitemap is working, and the snippet works - but not the placeholders - which i use on all other sites as it gives you a lot more control of the output.

Thanks - will file an issue.


These placeholders should be set on the event OnLoadWebDocument.
Make sure that the SEO Suite plugin runs on this event.
Also make sure, that the resource template is not listed in the system setting seosuite.disabled_templates.

Thanks - I’ve checked and OnLoadWebDocument is checked. Also, there’s nothing in seosuite.disabled_templates.

An additional issue is that it’s not working at all on ‘Articles’ resources - Even with the snippet.
I assume it doesn’t cover those resource types, which is odd because blog articles are a big deal for SEO.

Maybe as a workaround you could try calling [[!SeoSuiteMeta? &toPlaceholders=`1`]].
This should set the same placeholders.

Yep that works - great workaround.
Still frustrating to not know why it’s not working out fo the box, but this is great until I find out.


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