SEO Suite FB & Twitter image error


[2022-11-16 05:02:24] (ERROR @ /PATH/core/vendor/xpdo/xpdo/src/xPDO/xPDO.php : 786) modMediaSource::load() is not a valid static method.

when adding a image to SEO Suite FB and Twitter Link. Also happens if you put that image as a default image.

Causes site to just display a blank page even if SeoSuiteMeta is not called or commented out.

PHP Version 8.0.25

new install

anyone else got this issue?

What version of the SEOSuite extra are you using?

It seems that when you currently download SeoSuite from the packager manager in MODX 3, you get version 2.0.6-pl. But this version is not compatible with MODX 3.

Looking at the github repo it looks like there has been some effort recently to make it MODX 3 compatible. Maybe these changes haven’t been released yet.

Maybe try the newest package from here:

oh i thought its modx 3 compatible

running 2.0.6-pl

However it works for me on modx 3 on a all sites with a small modification. what I did is leave facebook and twitter image link blank on the resource and I use a image TV for those and resize them with pthumb works well as a workaround.
note if you do not leave it blank you will get an error and page wont render.

instead of
[[!SeoSuiteMeta? &toPlaceholders=1]]
[[!SeoSuiteMeta? &toPlaceholders=1]]
< meta property=“twitter:image” content=“[[*yourImageTvHere:pthumb=&w=1200&h=630&zc=1]]” /
< meta property=“og:image” content=“[[*yourImageTvHere:pthumb=&w=1200&h=630&zc=1]]” /