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Sending errors with Goodnews

i am using the goodnews extra for a website to send a newsletter once in a while.
After sending a news update today i noticed there were 55 send errors on 120 subscribers (respectively 3 on 114 last time). Does anyone know how to debug what these faults have been?
More then “send error” is not given. Logs provide no answers, even on the server the mail-logs don’t show any information.

Modx 2.7.2
Goodnews 1.5.1-pl2
Using SMTP: set to yes incl. auth. / set to no (tried both settings)

Who can help?

Hi mintnl,

same thing happened to my last sending process. 150 of 260 emails had an sendingerror.
According to Help, the cron has to be started every minute.
I started the cronjob with server’s default settings every 10 minutes. The protocol showed that the next mails with success were send 10 minutes after error .
I’ll test that in my next newsletter.

Hi mintnl,

I tested the sending again. My cron starts every 60 seconds. Nevertheless, I had again 83 errors on sending 260 emails.