Select multiple images in tv

Hello there!
I think my brain is not working very well today.
I get the feeling there is an easy solution for this, but my brains wont tell me at the moment, so now I ask you:

Is there a way to select multiple images with migx or with a tv or plugin?

To be clear: I do not want to upload multiple images. I want to select multiple images in order to use them.

I already tried the multiple upload tutorial of migx, works fine, but it is not what i need…

My client wants to upload multiple pictures so that they show up as some sort of collage :wink:


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Have a look at the MoreGallery Extra (requires a small fee, but free for testing) or the Gallery Extra. I’m not entirely sure if they have the feature you need, but especially MoreGallery is great for building collages like you intent to do.

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Ok checked it out.
But what I acutally need is something much simpler, I think. I need a tv or migx-tv which load several images paths. So: one should be able to click on multiple (already uploaded in some folder) images and the paths of these should be saved and then outputted by some template.

How many images will be in that folder, where they do the selection from?

If this are not hundreds, I think there is a way with MIGX.

The MIGX could load all images of that folder automatically together with a checkbox for checking/unchecking them directly in the MIGX - grid.

I think a modified version of this setup should work

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thanks @bruno17! I was actually already playing around with that. Guess I will have to focus on that. But it feels like Im missing something. Shouldn’t it be possible to use multi-select list or some tv like that to select multple images from a folder (to get their urls)?

just specify the folder within the created mediasource instead of the migxResourceMediaPath-snippet, when you have fixed folder.

Then they would click the ‘load from source’ button to get all images into MIGX and check/uncheck the published checkbox within the grid

I’m not sure, if there is a Mulitselect TV, which can show images.
With @CHUNK binding, you could have a snippet in a chunk, which could list all image-names of a specific folder into the Multiselect TV

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yeah for now I will stick to this

but that I will checkout definetly later on

You could use one of the file lister type snippets that will list every file in a particular folder. That way your client maintains a folder that contains just the images they want to use in their collage. If they’re uploading images I assume they have access to a file browser so should be easy for them to see and add/delete photos from there?