Search option in content menu doesn't work?

After trying to upgrade from Modx 2.8 to Modx 3 for a while (I had issues logging in, turns out it wouldn’t let me log in if I had anonymous sessions off and tried to use memcached for caching? but that’s another story (btw, should the default value for cache handler be “xPDOFileCache” or “cache.xPDOFileCache” ?).

Everything seems to be working, but I’d like to solve one minor manager issue:

In the manager, the content button seems to have a “Search” related option, which has something wrong going on with it.

Clicking it throws an error.

Not sure how this happened, or what it’s supposed to do and I don’t know where to start to fix it.

The extras I have installed are Ace, getFeed, Guzzle6, pdoTools, pThumb, Redirector, Resizer, SEO Suite, TableOfContentsX, UpgradeMODX.

I’m using Modx 3.0.2, Php 8.1.13

I’m grateful for any tips on how to go about fixing this. It’s a minor issue, but still.

This “Search” related menu item is not a default one from MODX.
As far as I can tell, it’s also not from one of the extras you listed.

When you go to “Cog wheel” → “Menus”, right-click on the menu item and choose “Edit”, what are the values (e.g. for “Namespace:”)?

It’s xPDO\Cache\xPDOFileCache in MODX 3.

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Namespace: core . Action: 54 . Lexicon key: search . Description: search_desc . Permission: search

I guess these aren’t very conclusive. Maybe it’s a leftover from some really old MODX version and somehow I didn’t notice it before? The site is fairly old at this point (like… a decade?).

Maybe I’ll just remove the menu entry and stop thinking about it?


That’s what I would do.

Actions with numbers don’t work anymore in MODX 3. This has been removed.

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