Search help (adding AND/OR logical boolean operators)


Our university library is developing a site for the USDA and DOI with treaties between the US Gov’t and First American Tribes. see:

Initially we used simplesearch for the site, but migrated to mSearch2 which offers autocomplete and faceting (mFilter2).

Now our stake holders need to have AND, OR, and NOR logical boolean operators.

Has any one implemented a site search using boolean operators in MODX? Any suggestions on how to proceed?


We are exploring options to add these features with the following options:

  1. Simple Search with hooks to implement the boolean operators

  2. mSearch2 Add hooks OR returning the results to a custom snippet to implement the boolean operators

  3. Using Algolia by uploading our content into an index on Algolia and developing a custom search to implement searching with boolean operators

  4. use AdvSearch (but I think dev is dead for this extra) and develop Query hooks