Saving form data and 'refreshing' the form input fields

Hello everyone,

Currently i’m building a form which has a number of value’s given through the form inputs that eventually get calculated into a certain value.

There’s 3 steps: step 1 - customers data, step 2 - project’s data and step 3 - the value’s that have to be given for the calculation to take place.

The 3rd step has to be repeated a ‘x’ given times depending on the customers choise. So the idea was to make a button that says “add another”, which empty’s the form and saves it on the database and then the same form can be filled in with new value’s.

This has to be able, to be repeated unlimited times until the customer is done. Eventually a last calculation has to take place with all the filled in forms to make an ‘avarage’.

So my question is: is there a way to implement this into a form?

If any more information have to be given dont hesitate to ask!

Thankyou in advance,


Plugins used: FormIt

I think what I would do is separate this form, at least save the data in step 1 and 2 in advance.

Then, for these these inputs, I almost think it makes sense to use tvs. Then the calculation and dump of the data and refreshing of the tvs is pretty straightforward. You could dump that data back into formit