Richtext Template Variable renders textarea instead of TinyMCE

I have a Template Variable with Input Type set to Rich Text. When editing a Resource, the TV renders a small instead of TinyMCE.

The latest version of the TinyMCE Rich Text Editor Extra is installed (1.3.2) on MODX 2.7.1.

System Settings > Core > Rich Text Editor settings are
which_editor = TinyMCE RTE
which_element_editor = ACE

Bruno17 confirmed in another thread that Rich Text TVs should use the installed Rich Text Editor

Strangely I did see TinyMCE render correctly while messing with the site trying to figure the cause. It did this after clearing the MODX Cache.

I went through the steps again in order to write them up for future reference and now the TV refuses to render TinyMCE again.

TinyMCE works fine as the default Editor eg. for the Resource Content field.

I have two Rich Text TVs in the same group and tried setting one back to textarea to see if multiple Rich Text TVs was the issue but this made no difference.

No errors are logged by PHP or in the browser console.

Does anyone know what is causing the issue or how I can investigate further?



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Just to confirm: in the resource settings, is it ticked for ‘Rich text’ ?

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@chrisandy - the Resource using the Rich Text Template Variable had Settings > Rich Text unchecked.

I thought this setting related specifically to the Resource Content field but you are correct, checking Rich Text allows shows TinyMCE for the Rich Text Template Variable.

Didn’t want the Content field to render TinyMCE so I can enter code in Ace Editor though.

Least I know the TV Input Type is linked to Settings > Rich Text now, thank you.

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To be honest I thought this had been fixed. There could be a work round but for the life of me I can’t remember!

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TinyMCE will mess up any resource with code in it, if my memory serves. You should turn it off for any page with a snippet call.

Keep in mind you can still include text, just have to format it yourself on that page.

This is an old issue, I hope I got it right.

If time allows I’ll take a look later to see if I can find more detail re. workaround or mention on the development roadmap.

TinyMCE doesn’t necessarily mess up resource output when it contains snippet calls with rich text enabled. I have several utility snippets for Editor users eg. one to create a Tweet This block. TinyMCE htmlencodes the ampersand but the snippet runs fine.

[[tweetThis? &tweet=`your text here`]]


[[tweetThis? &tweet=`your text here`]]

Some Editors I work with can handle a basic snippet but would struggle if Rich Text was disabled and the resource content was HTML.

Need to make time to investigate FRED - from what I remember reading previously it allows blocks with different content types to be mixed in the same Resource.

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You can also generally keep snippets out of resources, or only for the real basics like login or register.

So for a register page, I might put all the content into the template, or the snippet in the template, or just the snippet in the resource

Still, any alteration of the code is dangerous. Its nice it still works, but only till it doesn’t I’m afraid

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