RFC on dropping sqlsrv support

Just posted this on GitHub, but would also like to direct attention of integrators and former MAB members to this request for comment on dropping sqlsrv from MODX (possibly 3.0):

I would support such proposal.

Do not create a flame in the ticket, I also have a question, how we can manage such kind of question with polls? It was a formal process in the MAB, but maybe we can pool active integrators and contributors (simplified MAB), who can make such technical decisions? It would also work during discussions of the roadmap and plans. I am glad to move my post to a different topic if it does make sense.

If a major project like Symfony can make major decisions through a simple GitHub issue with people commenting do we need to make things harder? I’ve tried pushing hard for setting up MAB processes and that clearly didn’t work.


Yep, it is why I am suggesting simplify the process, but still have the ability to somehow count and evaluate results. And have an agreement, of course. If we all agree, that we will have a topic, created as an Issue, and people may vote by specific emoji, let’s do it but such away.

I don’t want to have strict and formal rules, but some rules still should be written down just for clarity.

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