Revolution 3.0.1 and 2.8.4 Released

Today we’re delighted to announce two releases of MODX Revolution. The first patch of our month-old Revo 3, for those who’ve taken the leap, and the latest patch of Revo 2.

Revo 3.0.1

While our initial release of MODX Revolution 3.0 has proven to be one of our best releases ever, there were some areas that needed attention. With that in mind, our first patch release is here, just under a month after its initial debut.

Before upgrading from Revo 2.x to 3.0.1, please review the upgrade guide.

Revo 2.8.4

This 2.8.4 release focuses on a few bugs, updates dependencies, and improves compatibility with newer versions of PHP. All users of the 2.8.3 and earlier should upgrade to this release if you are not ready to upgrade to MODX Revolution 3.0.1, just yet.

Need Help Upgrading?

If you’re not sure how to upgrade but would like to get your site onto the latest version of MODX Revolution, check out the MODX Garage and Speed Shop to contact the MODX team for expert assistance. We can advise you of your options.