Reveal element only after successful login

Revo 2.7.2

Using the Login Extra I created a simple front-end sign-in page for members. Upon successful login they are redirected to the referring url. It all works fine.

Additionally, I would like to reveal a link that points to the Manager dasnboard (the user is already signed-in). Currently the Manager link is coded into a public facing template but I only want the link to be visible to members after they have signed-in using the front-end login form.

How would I go about doing that?


Have a look at the Personalize Extra, that should do the trick. With that you can simply show a chunk (containing the manager link) only to logged-in users.

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Thank you, @vibedesign.


I use this and it works great, it simply does a check for logged in user and hides content (the content never is never processed at all) if there is no logged in user