Retrieve Formit Forms id or hash to save in custom table

I have a formit form that uses the FormItSaveForm hook.

I have created a modx snippet that includes a PHP file that saves posted data that I need in order to render pins on a web page that displays a Google map.

Additionally, I would like to save the formit form id or hash from the record that got created in the modx_formit_forms table to my custom table.

How would I pass along the id or hash to my PHP file that gets included from a modx snippet I created.

The formit snippet call looks like this:

&formName=Survey: [[!display_custom_context? &context_name=rural_location_display_name]]
&successMessage=Thank you!
&validate=nospam:blank, search:required, address_type:required

The modx snippet call looks like this:


include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . 'path/to/include/add_location.php';

I’ve included the, config.core.php, and the modx.class.php in my external PHP file and can run functions like writing to the error log


But still cannot figure out to get the formit form id or hash from the record saved from submitting the form, short of just running a database query that gets the latest id saved to the modx_formit_forms table.

I haven’t tested this, but have you tried using

$hash = $hook->getValue('hash');
$form_array = $hook->getValue('savedForm');

in your add_location snippet.

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Thank you!

Yes. I have tried those previously and tried again just now and receive the following Fatal Error:

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getValue() on null


    $modx = new modX();
    $hash = $hook->getValue('hash');

Why do you create a new modX instance in your external PHP file? Can’t you just load a class and pass $modx (and maybe $hook) as a parameter to the constructor?

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I don’t get very far with using modx in classes. I cannot even write a log. That’s why I just use a PHP file with functions.

class FiberLocations {

	public $modx;

	function __construct(modX &$modx) {

		$this->modx =& $modx;


	function handle_requests() {

		$this->modx->log(xPDO::LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, __LINE__);


$fiber_locations = new FiberLocations();


You have to pass $modx to the constructor.

$fiber_locations = new FiberLocations($modx);
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$fiber_locations = new FiberLocations($modx);

That would do it! Thank you!

Let me see what I can do with retrieving the Formit Form ids and get back to you.

I am not able to get the hash with:


But I am able to get the saved form values, which is something I can work with and am also able to get the hash by using this:

$savedForm = $this->hook->getValue('savedForm');
$this->modx->log(xPDO::LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, print_r($savedForm['hash'], true));

This will work nicely with my application.
Thank you for your help on this!