Responsive FileManager - problem to set up

Hi there, i feel like I’m dumb. I don’t get the module “Responsive FileManager“ running.

First, I installed “TinyMCE Rich Text Editor” after this I loaded “Responsive FileManager“. I toke the plugin-files and moved them into the “/assets/components/tinymcerte/js/vendor/tinymce/plugins”. After done this I modified the system settings from the editor, so the plugin gets loaded and the icon will show up in the menu. Until this point, all seems ok.

When I open the editor and I want to use the file manager, I get an empty popup. Telling me “Not Found”. So I remember I have to update my Property Sets. Ok! But, how? I know there is a setting site. But unfortunately I have no property sets.

So I tried to make my new own one (value = /assets/components/responsivefilemanager/rfm/filemanager/dialog.php). However, I do not know what value I have to set. I never need to use this setting site before. In addition, I could not find any wink in the doku on the project site…

I am sure it is just a little step. But I can’t figure it out by myself.

Please help.

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I don’t use that extra, but this section of the docs seems relevant (though I don’t understand the second one):

  • If you want full path url in tinyMCE paths you can add relative_urls: false on tinyMCE init (read tinyMCE Configuration page)
    external_filemanager_path and external_plugins path must be absolute from root and must point to filemanager folder not responsivefilemanager plugin folder

  • Change the path in your tinymce init function in external_filemanager_path and external_plugins (the path must be a absolute path from base_url of your site and must start with / so in this example i have the filemanager folder in

If you still haven’t got it, you’d probably get a better answer here.


THX Bob, i’ll give it a try and report back.