Resourcelist TV type - searchable

Hi all,

So I have a migx call where I want the user to be able to select a page to link to from a dropdown list. I want all resources to be in there, so I just used this:

        ,"caption":"Big Box Left"

Which works fine - but with a big list of resources, it’s sometimes hard to find the one you want. Is there a way for users to be able to start typing the name or ID of the page, and it filters them?
Also, I have a few pages which have the same pagetitle, but are within other sections, such as ‘dining/about’ and ‘bedrooms/about’ - so ideally the parent’s name would also show in the list so they know which ‘about’ page they are selecting.

Any ideas?


a dynamicDropDown TV, maybe with a custom processor could work

SuperBoxSelect could also be an option.

You can search for resources by pagetitle. But if you want to search by ID or display the name of the parent in the listing, then you’ll have to write a custom processor.

Thanks. This looks good - can it be used within migx?

Yes, I think that’s possible.

So I tried changing the inputTVtype to SuperBoxSelect like this:

        ,"caption":"Big Box Left"

But when this only shows up as a standard text field in the manager when adding items to the migx TV.

Do I need any further settings somwhere? I’ve check the docs but can’t fid anything that would relate to Migx.


Create a new TV of Input Type “SuperBoxSelect” in the Manager (maybe also set “Max. Elements:” to 1) and give it a Name like “mysuperboxselect”. Don’t assign it to a template!

Then use this new TV in MIGX with


instead of


Ah so simple. Thank you so much!

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