Resource with alias "videos" returns 403 error

I just stumbled upon this: when using the resource alias videos the server returns a 403 while trying to access this resource. Any other name works fine. Now is this a misconfiguration on my end or might there be some server regulations in place from my host? Or something else?

Not really a big deal, as I can just use a different alias but still wondering…

MODX 2.7.3.-pl

This might mean 3 things:

  1. you have a ‘videos’ folder that has no listing permissions;
  2. that’s a reserved domain path defined on your cPanel configuration at some point (apache/nginx pointer)
  3. if you are using cPanel with apache, have a look on modSecure configuration. Maybe not whitelisted, or it is blacklisted for some reason.

I don’t remember about any other possible reasons for a forbidden error under that path…
Maybe somebody else might remember about other possible clues

I do have a folder /videos :man_facepalming:

That explains it of course, thank you!

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It happens :smile:

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