Resource groups not opening


Resource group won’t open

When I launch the MODX manager, on the Resources panel all of the resource “folders” show, each with a dropdown arrow next to them to open and view the child pages within that group. But suddenly today, one of the dropdown arrows disappeared.

When the manager is first opened and you click on the resources panel, the dropdown arrow in question shows for a brief second then disappears. I looked at the underlying code with Friefox’s developer tools and the other folders that are working properly show a <i class="x-tree-ec-icon x-tree-elbow-plus">::before</i> whereas the one now missing the dropdown arrow shows only <i class="x-tree-ec-icon x-tree-elbow-plus"></i>

The resources are still there, as I can see them in the database and if you load pages via ID they load fine. Also in the database, the parent value for each resource points to the correct folder.

I have tried using the right click on the main Website folder Refresh Context, which causes the dropdown arrow to reappear, but if I click on it, the spinner shows for a few seconds then both the spinner and arrow disappear. If I use the right click on the folder itself for Refresh, I get the same result, the arrow reappears, but clicking on it results in a few seconds of spinner then both gone.

I have also tried reinstalling MODX, but no change.

The only error messages in recent times are below. But none align with when the issue started.
[2020-05-22 07:10:09] (ERROR @ /path-to-my-core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php : 349) Error caching lexicon topic lexicon/en/core/resource
[2020-05-24 07:38:16] (ERROR @ /path-to-my-core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php : 349) Error caching lexicon topic lexicon/en/core/resource
[2020-05-27 01:22:27] (ERROR @ /path-to-my-core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php : 349) Error caching lexicon topic lexicon/en/core/namespace

I can manually change the parent value in the database and the resource appears under the new parent. This would be if all else fails solution, but involves a lot of resources.

No new Extras have been added and the only recent activities have been entering copy into other resources.


Running MODX 2.7.3 on Apache
Totally different install than was involved with my previous questions.

Have you tried if manually deleting the core/cache folder helps?
What happens when you load the manager in a private window or entirely different browser?

Just a note: That’s not really helpful in case people revisit this topic in the future :wink:

Manually deleting the cache didn’t change anything. Opening manager in a different browser on a different computer didn’t make a difference.

Other than the modx_site_content table is there any other table in the database that records which resources are related to which parent?

I know it isn’t necessary, but does it make any difference if you mark the problematic parent resource as a ‘container’ in the resource settings. If it is already marked as a container does turning that setting off make any difference?

Changing between container (which it was) and not container made no difference.

Any chance you have Collections installed? What’s the Resource Type (on the Settings tab) say?

The only extra that is installed is VersionX (2.3.1). And the resource type is set as a document.

There are six resources that serve as parent containers with children. All except one show the dropdown menu and work as expected. The one under discussion worked just fine until two days ago. And if I manually change the parent value in the database, the resource shows under its new parent.

That’s why I am now wondering if there are any other tables within the database that store information related to parent/children other than modx_site_content’s parent column.

All six parent resources have identical values within modx_site_content (other than the expected differences such as published dates, menu order, etc).

As I haven’t been able to figure out what the issue is, I decided to start moving all of the resources to a new parent by manually changing the database values in modx_site_content. It seemed to work, then suddenly the new parent stopped working and the older one started again. After some trial and error, I narrowed it down to one resource, that was causing the issue. I moved it out of both folders and the entire tree stopped working.

When I checked out that resource’s data in the modx_site_content and modx_site_tmplvar_contentvalues nothing seemed different from other resources of the same type.

Built a new resource with the same content, deleted the old values from the database and the backend is working again. BUT still have no idea what caused the issue