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ReCaptchaV2: Where/Why to use the error message snippet for V3?


The examples show this snippet on the page markup just below the render snippet. For V2 of recaptcha this makes sense as it’s a message for the form user (“Check the checkbox”). But for recaptcha V3 the error that gets printed is not intended for the form user. It looks like this:
timeout-or-duplicate-hostname-mismatch action-mismatch score-threshold-not-met etc

Am I doing this wrong and that error is actually supposed to log somewhere else?

I believe I can check my Google admin to view errors and rejections and so don’t really need it elsewhere. And certainly the legit form users will only be further confused by these messages. So, can I simply remove the error snippet from the page?

Or, even better, can the language be changed to something friendlier? Not sure what exactly it would say as V3 is kind of a one-chance for validation system…

From my understanding it should be working fine if you simply remove the placeholder. What might be more useful is to use something like the Personalize Extra to only show possible errors to admin users for debugging, though.

Thanks, that’s what I hoped.
I just checked my google recaptcha admin page because I thought they would show the errors, but they only report very rudimentary info - you can see the score for each attempt, but not the actual error message. So I might play around with printing the error to a log or db. But for now I will remove the snippet from the page. The form is working well and so far no spam… :smiley:

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