Recaptcha V3 issue

We have a website running on MODX Revolution 2.2.4-pl (traditional)

Earlier we used recapcha with formit (formit 2.1.2). Now as google stops supporting recaptcha we tried to use in recaptcha v2 & v3 with this setup. But failed to render the captcha.

My code :

[[!FormIt? &hooks=recaptchav3,email,redirect &emailTpl=sentGeneralEmailTpl &emailSubject=IMPORTANT: General Query & & &redirectTo=72 &validate=name:required,email1:required,subject:required,message:required,mobile:required]]


[[!recaptchav3_render]] [[!+fi.error.recaptchav3]]

Keys are generated properly and able to render the captcha in php pages.

Any suggestion shall be highly appreciated.



Not related to your question but do please upgrade your MODX version. There are some critical security issues that you’ve missed by not upgrading.

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We are trying to do the same also and struggling. I may need to open a separate topic.

Also upgrade your FormIt version then I would suggest trying to use the example form towards the bottom of the README on a blank template as a test.

You can use this package - It works.