Quip - Unknown column 'quipCommentNotify.user' in 'field list'

Trying to use Quip on MODX 2.8.3 (PHP 7.4).
While installing it throws:

Error removing index user from quipCommentNotify: Array ( [0] => 42000 [1] => 1091 [2] => Can't DROP 'user'; check that column/key exists )
Successfully installed package quip-2.3.5-pl

Mostly it works fine, but I don’t get any e-mail notifications, and comment deleting simply doesn’t work (nothing happens on clicking delete).

Log is filling with:

[2023-12-13 10:11:44] (ERROR @ /var/www/sites/site/public_html/core/xpdo/om/xpdoobject.class.php : 240) Error 42S22 executing statement: 
    [0] => 42S22
    [1] => 1054
    [2] => Unknown column 'quipCommentNotify.user' in 'field list'

Can you check the table modx_quip_comment_notify in the database?
Does a column “user” (type = int(10)) exist?

the column doesn’t exist - not sure why.
After adding it, nothing changed. Same issues as before.

Although, on trying to delete I’m getting is not a valid integer and may not be passed to makeUrl() … not sure if it’s my install issue or just Quip in general.

Do you still get the same error message Unknown column 'quipCommentNotify.user' in 'field list'?

It’s weird that the installation doesn’t work.
Is there something special about the MySQL-Version you’re using? Is it version 5.7 or 8?

No error anymore, but deleting doesn’t work as well. Although it’s a legacy site, still on PHP 7.x. Maybe it’s related to this…