Quip saving threads by user ID

I am using Newspublisher on a site (www.undertowpress.com). Members can submit stories and then rate them for a monthly contest. They can also leave comments on each story. I’m using Quip for comments. I’m using a basic call running the latest version of everything:

   [[!Quip? &thread=`post[[+id]]`]]
   <br />
   [[!QuipReply? &thread=`post[[+id]]`]]

However, each comment submitted creates a new thread: so there is post18, post20 etc. When the comments are loaded users can only see their own comments. The [[+id]] is being set to the user ID, not the page ID. How do I set this to get the page ID so all comments can be seen?

So where exactly do you call [[!Quip]] and [[!QuipReply]]? In a template? In a chunk?

If it is in a chunk, then what snippet call does use that chunk? Which snippet sets the placeholder [[+id]]?

Maybe you have to use [[*id]] instead of [[+id]], but it’s hard to say without knowing, how you structured your page.

It’s being called from a chunk. There is a template variable that asks if Comments should be shown on the page. I have tried both * and +, only the + works. I tried putting it directly in the template and still got the same results. The only comments shown belong to the logged in user. Other comments aren’t shown.

Actually, I put the Quip call directly in the template again and changed to the [[*id]] and it is working. Could have sworn I have done that before. Pretty certain, actually. Either way, that works and I’ll work around it. Thanks for the help.