Quip don't sort

I try to make a small guestbook with Quip.
First problem was to put the quip-reply to an extra resource, but I now solved by




So I created a first comment and all other comments now are answers to this comment.

An other problem is that quip don’t sort the comments like I wish.
I will get the last entries in the top and also the date in format for europe.
Systemsettings for date_timezone is Europe/Berlin, but the date is still in english style.
Okay, I can change by

&dateFormat=%d.%m.%Y %H:%M

I also set


but the output is still that on the top is the first entry and at the bottom the newest.

My full quip-call:

&dateFormat=`%d.%m.%Y %H:%M`

My Quip-Package is updated to version 2.3.3.pl
Where could be the problem?

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Check out the docs here

sortby field desc:  
The field to sort comments by. If threading is on (the default behavior, or set explicitly via &threaded=`1`), then it's best leave this alone.

cheers! :wink:

edit reading through your post, try sortdir only for your output, and try to focus on most recently updated in the db

if that doesn’t work you may need to target your updated data in another way, a very simple custom snippet perhaps

I read the docs and even threading is on or out, I cannot change the sort.
I only set sortDir=DSC but no change.
If I check the db the sort is correct, I just want to change the direction.

Why can I not change the direction in the output?

It should be DESC instead of DSC I believe.

That’s it!
Thank you!