Questions about creating an extra installer

I’ve created some installers based on the following tutorials:

I’ve also scanned through the GitHub build code for extras like Articles that use this same approach.

The question is, is this still an “approved” method for creating installer packages? Or should we be transitioning to a more “modern” method, if there is one? Will anything change with MODX 3?

It is one method for doing so. I personally prefer to use GPM (Git Package Management) to build any extras these days, as it cuts way down on the manual steps, and you don’t need to write your own build script. There are no “approved” methods, so whatever works and feels best to you is what I would go with.

Ah, OK, I’ll have to look into Git Package Management.

Look also at MyComponent, which I use for all my extras. I can package a brand-new extra in about 20 minutes, but it takes a while to get used to it.

OK, I have GPM downloaded and installed locally in MODX. I have my directories set up, and the JSON config file set up. Now what? I don’t see any way to run a program to create the installer. The GPM documentation doesn’t say anything about how to do that.

I see Git Package Management under extras, but when I try to add my package, I get the error “Please make [. . .]/config.core.php writable to continue.”, no matter what permissions I put on this file or any of the enclosing folders. I’m running MacOS 11.4 on an M1 Mac. My MODX installation itself has no trouble writing files.