Q: How to get dropped objects to inherit parent dropzone options

Finally getting around to checking out FRED. I created a dropzone (cardHolder) as a bootstrap row. I created cards to drop in. To control the number of card in a row I set the style of the card with col-md-4, which gives me three. If I want to can the number of cards per row I need to edit the options on each card. I want my parent row (cardHolder) to have an option for the number of items. So I can edit it one place and have all the children inherit the col-md-4 class.

How are others handling this? Do you just have multiple card template objects?

I haven’t used Fred (yet), but i like to use CSS Grid for this kind of layout. One of the great advantages is that all the properties are set on the parent container rather than each card, so I think that would address your initial question. Grid also has responsiveness baked in, so is very easy to build responsive layouts.