Problem with implementation of ratings and reviews in products

Hi, I am using Reviews extra to achieve reviews and ratings functionality in products. It is well documented @ and @ as how to manage reviews and ratings from the backend and how to display them on the front side. But with bad luck… only it is not written anywhere in the documentation as how to add review and rating form on the single resource page on the front end. Also, there is no any reference of such things in the single resource page’s edit side in backend. Can anyone help me sort this out ?

Are ratings and reviews default in MOdx Revolution and I am missing any settings to be applied ? Now I doubt so so I asked. Also tried to find out any such setting but with no luck.

Or any other better option for adding rating and review both together … any other reliable extra or plugin or anything ?


Have you tried calling the snippet with something like this:


This should list you all reviews for a resource, in this case for the resource the call is placed in. You should be able to define all needed parameters listed in the github in this call as well.

P.S. This extra definitely has a very poor documentation, if you can even call it that…