Problem with friendly URLs, connection to resource's settings->Container checkbox (WHY? A BUG? A FEATURE?)

I almost broke my head over this… Is this a bug or it just makes sense? :slight_smile:

Revo install folder: /public_html/revo
Using friendly URLs (resource aliases).
Example of a resource with alias:

If I have the above-mentioned checkbox unchecked for the resource (field isFolder in modx_site_content table), going to that URL ends up in a 404 page.

If I have the checkbox checked (isFolder = 1), I get a ‘/’ attached to the URL (i.e. and the right page shows up.


By default the url of your page is with the ending “.html” if the field isfolder is unchecked and ‘Content Type’ is HTML.

You can change that in the top menu “Content” → “Content Types” by changing the value in the column “File Extension” of the row with “Name” = HTML.