Problem with combobox filter in Migx 3.0.2-b1

Hi, I’m trying to set up the combobox filter form my config, but can not get it to work even in its simpliest form. I don’t use any joins, try to filter only the same table by title, but get no results from getcombo, the dropbox is empy (except of “all results” entry)

did something changed in v3? I always used it in v2 without any problems.

Some of the MIGXdb functionality is still untested in MODX 3 and has yet to be adapted to work with the fully qualified class names.

In this case, the problem is this line in the code:

Change it to

$c->select($c->getAlias() . '.id, ' . $idfield . ' as combo_id, ' . $textfield . ' as combo_name');
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Thank You!
That fixed it.