Problem uninstalling Tickets

Uninstalled Tickets the normal way.
Left behind a load of tpl chunks and menu entry in Extras.
Managed to remove chunks manually one by one.
Cannot remove menu entry, get this error when i click on it.
Could not find action file at: controllers/default/index.php

I think that’s because the namespace is gone. The best bet, imo, is to remove the Tickets menu record in the modx_menus table of the DB.

Looked in phpmyadmin left tree and clicked on modx_menus.
Cannot find Tickets menu record, but this is all new to me.

Try manually deleting all the files in the core/cache directory and visiting with your browser in private or incognito mode. The menu item may still be in the MODX cache or the browser cache.

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Thanks that worked, now I have to remove extra menu item from pdomenu.
I think it’s connected to tickets?

That should happen automatically once the resource is gone unless you’ve hard-coded it into a Tpl chunk.

It is a pdomenu snippet in a chunk

The menu links are the same resource home page.

the blog link is /modx/blog.html

What happens if you call it uncached (with the exclamation point)?

&parents= `0`
&level= `1`

I deleted the cache and browser history and refreshed urls

Did you try private or incognito mode in the browser? Clearing the browser cache and history doesn’t always work.

FYI, Chrome has an extra called “Cache Killer” that I like to use during development. It clears everything in the browser cache (which Chrome is notorious for not doing).

Still the same.
It’s weird how home,extra blog and two blog pages have the same home content?
I think it has something to do with tickets extra?

Sorry, I’m stumped. :frowning:

Thanks for trying to help, a reinstall it is then!