Prepare for the MODX Digital SnowUp on March 4th and 5th 2021!

Hello Bughunters!,

Yes, that’s right! In less than a month, the MODX Digital SnowUp begins. It has obviously been a long time since the last MODX Community event, and many have been wondering what has been going on with MODX and Co. Let this event give us a chance to catch up and reboot!

Save the evening of March 4th and the day of March 5th if you can!

More info coming soon!


Gauke, Fabian, Henk & Ben



We now have 113 participants from 24 countries (maybe more) and 5 continents for the MODX Digital SnowUp (March 4-5)!

Pledged donations and sponsoring (until February 27th) for the 4th MODX Bug Hunt: € 3.550,-

You can find a (growing) list with bounties here: