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Appreciate that forum signatures is a past ‘gimmick’, but for those willing to dedicated their time on the forum it can sometimes be useful to have a link back to our social media, company sites and review sites or donations.


Put them in your profile, but it’s an unsupported (and never-to-be added) feature of Discourse to have post signatures.


Are they just a forum no no or am I able to go ahead and make a chrome ext to automatically post it at the bottom of my posts like this?

■ email: | ■ website:

The greatest compliment you can give back to us, is to spend a few seconds leaving a rating at our trustpilot: Alienbuild Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of about the service we provided. We always drop mention of services offered by businesses we’ve worked with in the past to those of interest.

They are unnecessary, as clicking on your user icon is the new version of signatures. It opens up a brief statement with your contact links and what not. We add no-follow to all links that aren’t white listed, so there is no real reason to add back links to your site in a signature.

Agreed. I guess I’m referring more to the ‘if i helped you fancy leaving a review’ part of the signature or for other users where they link back to donation pages if they’ve helped a user. Things of that nature.

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The big issue with chrome extension signatures is they are just part of the post. If that link changes or gets hijacked there’s no way to quickly update all references. Additionally, it can make a post very annoying to scroll through. If you look at your example above, the quote block takes up more space than the actual response.

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