Post Install Error

Good day all.

We just installed a brand new copy of Modx.

We have added no content at all, just installed and went to Modx Manager to begin converting an HTML template.

We get this error message “Chunk not found with id: 20”!

We have no chunks or other content, this is a virgin install.

This happens with Vmodx-3.0.4-pl and Vmodx-3.0.5-pl.

Previous versions do not display this message.

We have completely removed the code and db, recreated the DB and verified there is not data in the DB.

What is this about???

This message should only appear if you are using the following URL to access the MODX manager (and a chunk with the ID from the request parameter &id does not exist):

Thanks a lot for this. Yes, my saved bookmark did indeed have thah in the url.

Never even thought of this!

I’ve edited the bookmark.

Thanks again.

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